Previous Speakers at the University of DØ

This is a list of the talks given in the past at UDØ.

Date Speaker Title
May 5 1994 Leon Lederman Ecstasy and Agony of HEP May 12 1994 Milciades Contreras (U. Chicago) TOP at CDF (D0 Note 2143) May 19 1994 Gina Rameika (Fermi) Overview of Fermi Fixed taget prog May 26 1994 Heidi Schellman (NU) PDFs from Muon/Neutrino Scattering Jun 13 1994 Bill Halperin Ultralow temperatures: excited bound pair states in superfluid 3He at 10^-7 eV Jul 14 1994 Ian Hinchliffe Semi Hard QCD Jul 21 1994 CP Yuan Physics of W boson at Tevatron Jul 28 1994 Nigel Glover Two jet production at Tevatron Aug 11 1994 Gene Fisk Summary from Glasgow Aug 18 1994 Eric Laenen Top cross sections Aug 31 1994 Paul Grannis Quark/Gluon jets Sep 8 1994 John Peoples Fermilab, The Next Decade Sep 29 1994 Herman Haggerty Random Airplane Stuff Oct 13 1994 Bjorken QCD Multijets Oct 20 1994 Erwin Mirkes Angular Distributions of leptons in W decays and Z + 4 jet production Oct 27 1994 Uli Baur QCD corrections in Wgamma and WZ production at Hadron Colliders Nov 10 1994 Rocky Kolb Astrophysics in the next millenium Nov 17 1994 John Womersley Calorimetry Dec 1 1994 M. Johnson A tour of the data acquisition Dec 8 1994 D. Wood Muons
Feb 4 1995 S. Wimpenny A visit to the CERN zoo Feb 9 1995 H. Prosper Statistical Analysis Feb 16 1995 N. Graf Tracking systems Jun 14 1995 Gordan Kane Why we believe in Supersymmetry.
Dean, University of D0