Brian's Battle with Burkitts' Lymphoma

2 September, 1999

11 July, 1998

9 April, 1998

Please be sure to see the newest photographs and read Sara's letter of thanks to you.

Brian Warne

Brian Warne is four years old, born on 2 September, 1993. He has a form of cancer known as Burkitts' Lymphoma (technical). This type of lymphoma falls under the classification of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (non-technical), or NHL. For those who know and love Brian, he is known as "B-Man".

The treatment which Brian is presently undergoing is chemotherapy. Specific to Brian's lymphoma, the chemotherapy which he is undergoing has several side effects such as fevers, itching, and mucousitis. The chemotherapy is designed to destroy the cancer cells, which it does; however, it also destroys many healthy cells. The reason that chemotherapy works is that the healthy cells are believed to recover faster than the cancer cells; hence the need for recovery periods between the treatments to rebuild his red blood cell count and recover from any possible infections that may arise.

The hospital staff is doing all that they can. Now what Brian needs is our prayers.

Brian's Treatment schedule can be found here.

Look here for more information about Burkitt's Lymphoma.

Brian's Quote of the Week:

"Guess what? I'm cancer free, but I still have to go through maintenance. My dad has a big hemmorroid and I'm praying for it to go down."

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Brian's Family and Friends

Sara and Stan are Brian's parents and Steven is his brother. Susan and Denny are Brian's aunt and uncle.

Steven is an energetic 8 year old 3rd grader who loves soccer. He collects baseball cards and loves electronic cars. He enjoys school and gets good grades! He likes to play with Brian in the hospital when he feels good. He reads stories to him.

Sara is a trained opera singer; she studied at Baylor University in Texas. She gives voice lessons and leads the teen choir at her church. She also sings in her church adult choir. Now her full time job is caring for Brian.

Stan coaches Steven's soccer team. Stan has his own business. He is a contractor, remodeling and building houses. Presently, he is trying to work 3-4 days a week.

Susan, who writes the letters, is Sara's older sister. They grew up in Virginia, but when Denny was in the Navy, she and Denny moved to the west coast. She teaches kindergarten and loves quilting. She and Sara are addicted to collecting cotton fabric, and find their cars magnetically drawn to fabric stores. Denny works at UCSF as a finance manager in the capital projects department. Together, they have two children: Sara (18) a freshman at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, and David (22) an artist working in Los Angeles painting murals on public schools with students.

Diane is a fellow quilter, and an enormous help to Sara and Stan. She takes up slack so as to allow them to rest and relax. Her husband Jim has helped both in the hospital with Diane and in driving family back and forth to San Fransisco.

Garreth is Brian's best friend. Despite Brian's appearance, having lost his hair and the medical hardware that is attached to him, Garreth has served to remind Brian that he is still a little boy (see update 11 January, 1998).

The newest member to join B-Man's team is Brett. Since Brian's pain is unceasing and all of the changes in his life are so difficult, Brett has been counceling Brian on how to deal with them. Brett and Brian get along well, and Brett is constantly amazed with B-Man's ability to express himself.

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Announcement and Updates

Here you can find Susan's First Announcement on 16 December, 1997, and subsequent update letters from her.

In addition, Sara wrote this letter to her parish family.

Sara's love and thanks outpoured to all who have supported them with love and prayers.

If you want to make contact:

Brian's Address:

Patient Brian Warne
UCSF Hospital
505 Parnassus St.
San Francisco, Ca. 94143

If you'd like to send a package, please send it to Susan at:

Susan Burke
1053 Camellia Drive
Alameda, Ca. 94502

Electronic Contact via Susan:

All letters sent to Susan are printed out and delivered to Brian.

Sorry, telephone contact has been discouraged as the noise and adult chatter disturbs Brian.

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