Thanks to Susan,
the new photographs are in!

Brian's Family:

The Warne Family Thanksgiving 1997
Brian sits in Stan's lap and Steven in Sara's
The Burke Family
The Warne Family
Christmas Eve 1997 in the hospital
left-to-right: Sara (18), David (22), Susan, and Denny. Susan is Sara Warne's sister.
The Warne Family in the hospital
left-to-right: Kristen, Charlene, Kimberley, and Rick. Rick is Stan Warne's brother.

Additional Photographs of Brian's Family and Friends:

The Warne Boys
Christmas Eve
Saturday, 20 December, 1997
Steven reading to his brother in the hospital

10 January, 1998

Brian playing with his best friend Garreth
Garreth and Brian love to play cars!
Sara Warne ----- Diane ----- Sara Burke
18 December, 1997: A good day
Brian's too beautiful to not have another photgraph