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Shabnam Jabeen
email: jabeen@fnal.gov

My work

I have been working on D0 experiment at the Tevatron collider (Fermilab, Chicago) and the CMS experiment at LHC (CERN, switzerland).

Convener JetMET Trigger sub-group at CMS

     I led the JetMETtrigger sub-group which is responsible for co-ordinating trigger efforts for jets and missing energy triggers.

Convener D0 Top Quark group

      I led top quark group at D0 in 2010-1011. We mnaged to published more papers than any other year in the history of D0 top group.

Convener D0 Jet Energy Scale group

     I led the jet energy scale group at D0 from 2008 to 2010. Under my leadership, jet energy scale provided D0 collaboration jet energy calibrations with remarkably small uncertainties of 1.5-3%.

Central Track Trigger

     I played a leading role in central track trigger RunII upgrade, commissioning and operations.

Central Fiber Tracker

     I was a also a part of the commissioning effort for the central fiber tracker

Captain Shift Crew

     Taking captain shifts has also been part of my D0 experience.

Analysis review board member

     I was a member of the editorial board for top quark properties for two years

I have been a viatl part of the single top quark at D0 and have played important role in all the analyses involving single top quarks. I led one of the analyses that found the first evidence for the standard-model-like single top quarks in Dec. 2006 at D0 and was part of the team that finally discovered single top production in march 2009. For discovery analysis I was also in charge of evaluation of systematic uncertainties for the cross-section measurement. I also did a search for beyond the standard model anomalous Wtb couplings in single top production.
Working on these analyses, I have immensely enjoyed exploring new data analysis techniques like neural networks , Bayesian neural networks , decision trees , and random forest .

Some more details of my work can be found here

My Ph.D thesis was on the search for single top quarks and before that I wrote a review of supersymmetery as part of the requirements for the degree of M.Phil.

"Towards a Theory of Everything" is the title of lecture for Saturday Morning Physics , at fermilab. Here is a link to some material related to this topic.

Collection of invited talks, seminars and Colloquia

Invited Plenary Talks at Conferences

Invited Talks at Conferences

  • International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, July 2011 (Grenoble, France), "Single top quark production at D0".
  • Division of Partilces and Fields, Detroit, 2009, "Top quark properties measurements with D0 detector".
  • SUSY09 (the 17th International Conference on Supersymmetry and the Unification of Fundamental Interactions),June 09, "Contamination of New physics in top samples and Wtb anomalous couplings".
  • PHENO 2008, May 08, "Anomalous Wtb Couplings", Talk given on behalf of D0 collaboration
  • PHENO 2007, May 07, "First Evidence for Single Top Production at D0", Talk given on behalf of D0
  • DIS Workshop 2007, April 07, "Evidence for Single Top Production", Talk given on behalf of D0 and CDF collaborations Proceedings Paper
  • APS meeting April 05, Tampa, "Single Top at D0",
  • APS meeting May 04, Denver, "Single Top at D0",
  • "Search for Single Top Quark Production Using Likelihood Discriminants at D0 in Run II", Poster presented at HCP06 (Durham)and Procceedings Paper

Seminars at National Labs

  • Wine & Cheese seminar at Fermilab on behalf of D0 collaboration, January 2011, "Three Tales of Two Tops"
  • Seminar at Broohaven National Lab,on behalf of D0 collaboration, Apr. 09, "Discovery of Single Top Quarks at Dzero"
  • Wine & Cheese seminar at Fermilab on behalf of D0 collaboration, Dec 08, "Top Quark as a Window to New Physics at D0"
  • HEP Seminar given at Brookhaven National Laboratory "Looking for Lonely Top",

Seminars and Colloquoia at Unversities

  • Seminar, State University of New York, Buffalo, Dec. 10, "Top quark properties at hadron colliders"
  • Seminar, Northwestern University, June. 09, "Discovery of Single Top Quarks at Dzero"
  • Seminar, Rice University, Apr. 09, "Discovery of Single Top Quarks"
  • Colloquium/seminar, Perdu UC, Apr. 09, "Discovery of Single Top Quarks"
  • Seminar, Kansas, Apr. 09, "Discovery of Single Top Quark Production at the Tevatron"
  • Colloquium, Kansas University, Apr. 09, "Discovery of Singles and First Kiss of the God Partcile"
  • Seminar, Iowa State , Apr. 09, "Discovery of Single Top Quark Production at D0"
  • Colloquium/seminar, Florida State , Feb. 09, "Looking for Answers from the Top"
  • Colloquium/seminar, Southern Methodist , Jan 09, "Looking for Answers from the Top"
  • Seminar, University of Kansas, March 07, "Evidence for Single Top Production at D0",
  • Seminar, Kansas State University, March 07, "Evidence for Single Top Production at D0",
  • Seminar, Northwestern University, November 06, "Single Top at D0",
  • Seminar, Boston University, November 05, "Searching for Single Top",
  • Seminar, Kansas University "Connecting the Dots: Tracking at D0",
  • Seminar, Kansas University, "Single Top Analysis at D0",

Public Lectures

  • Fermilab Saturday Morning Physics lecture "Towards a Theory of Everything", 2008-present
  • Public lectures in schools as part of outreach.

Internal D0 talks

Internal CMS talks

In the News

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      Evidence of single top in Director's corner

      Single top analysis featured in the Fermilab Today

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