Trigger for the FPS trigger

Last modified: Thu Oct 21 08:42:14 CDT 1999

Motivation and Descriptions for FPS Triggers

  • DØ Notes .........: L1 and L2 algorithms may be found here
  • Presentations ...: L1 and L2 Triggers talks may be found here
  • Presentations ...: FPS L1 geometry description (overlap ...) is found here
  • Web page ........: Run II Running Condition is found here
  • Ntuples used for the analysis

  • The list of files and generation parameters are detailed here
    (cross-sections, energy range, angular cuts etc..)
  • UPG_GEANT ntuples are now all copied onto:
    /prj_root/786/mub_3/RunIIB/lucotte/1.jpsi_ee_efficiency /prj_root/786/mub_3/RunIIB/lucotte/1.jpsi_ee_rates
  • Kumac for the analyses may be found in the same areas.
  • Digital Board Programming for the L1 FPS Trigger

  • Status Report: Description of DB logic may be found here
  • C++ Simulator for the L1 FPS/CPS

  • Algorithms : Description of the class/packages may be found here

  • Email :