LCD-Muon Related Work

LCD tri-muon event display: e+e- (500GeV c.m.) ===> Z Higgs
(upper hemisphere; Z ==> mu mu) (lower hemisphere: H ==> b+b[mutag])
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"The Next e+e- Linear Collider"

Talk given at the 24th meeting of the Brazilian Physics Society
October 3, 2003 -- Caxambu (MG)

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"Scintillator Based Muon System R&D" -- the NSF/UCLC project page.

"muSim", a simulation software package under development for the LCD muon system.

NICADD retreat talk (ppt), NIU, Sept 12, 2003.

(I) NIU/NICADD summer 2002 student project with Ben Blazey and Mike Bednarz

Muon Sources and Spectra in a 500GeV (e+e_) Linear Collider

Includes an ongoing study of Muons from "in flight" decays of light mesons inside the SLAC "SD" tracking volume.

(II) Hadronic energy leaking into the "SD" muon detector.

The following profile plots show the fraction of energy deposited in each layer of the calorimeters. The simulated EM-Cal is as documented (30 layers), but the Had-Cal has an "infinite" number of identical layers so that all the hadron energy is eventually contained. The plots are such that all bins (EM + HAD) normalize to one (100%). The profiles are averaged over 5000 monoenergetic particles (single tracks). The integrated energy that is absorbed beyond the designed 34 layers of the HAD-Cal is accumulated in the 35th bin, as the percentual leaked energy.
  • here for 10GeV charged pions (ppt) or (gif) .
  • here for 50GeV K_long's (ppt) or (gif) .

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