Dr. Pushpalatha (Pushpa) Bhat

Scientist, CMS/DØ
Particle Physics Division
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Batavia, IL 60510

Adjunct Professor of Physics & Graduate Faculty
Northern  Illinois University, DeKalb , IL

For my recent activities, visit My CMS Home page

Current Activities:
CMS Experiment
(Currently at CERN)

CMS Machine Interface Group (Co-convener)
   Radiation environment in CMS
   Machine-Induced Background Studies
Physics analyses
   Searches for the Higgs Boson
   Search for Quark compositeness

Previous Activities:
Project Management, Fermilab Run II Luminsoity & Reliability Upgrades, 2003- Feb. 2006
Leader/Coordinator, Dzero Global Monitoring, 2001-2003
Offline Analysis Coordinator, Dzero AFE Commissioning, 2000
Convener, Dzero Run II Muon Software Group, 1998-2000
Convener, Fermilab Run II Advanced Analysis Group, 1998 - 2003
Leader, Dzero Mulitvariate Methods Group, 1994-1997
Dzero test beam (1989-92), Top search & discovery (1992-95), top mass measurement (1995-97)
Leptoquark searches (1996-98), technicolor and other new phenomena searches

Previous Experiments:
E-735 (QGP search)
E-743 (Charm hadro-production)
E-597 (Hadron-nuclear Interactions)
630-840-8302 (Office)
630-406-9077 (Home)
630-840-2818 (D0 Secretary)
bhat@fnal.gov , pushpa@fnal.gov

Recent & Current Research:
Search for New Phenomena at DØ (Supersymmetry, Leptoquarks, Technicolor,..);
Finding Higgs at the Tevatron Some Run2 Studies   Phys. Rev. D. 72 (2000) 074022
Solar Neutrino Anomaly PRL Paper April '98
Top Quark Physics at the Tevatron (Run I) Review Article
International Journal of Modern Physics Vol. 13, No. 30 (1998) 5113-5218
Measurement of the Top Quark Mass DØ Paper in PRL Mar '97
Discovery of the Top Quark DØ Paper in PRL Mar '95
Top decay in all-jets final state
Single Top Production
Search for Leptoquarks DØ Paper1 Jul. '97,DØ Paper2 Oct. 97
Quark/Gluon Jet Discrimination
Multivariate Methods in High Energy Physics
A short article on the Top Quark
Web Page Links:

Run II Luminosity and Reliability Upgrades

DØ Detector performance & Data Quality Monitoring Page

AFE Board Offline Analysis Page

Run-2 CDF/DØ Advanced Analysis Group Web Page

Advanced Computing & Analysis Techniques Workshop

DØ Muon Software Web Page

D0 Advanced Analysis Methods Group
    Multivariate Analysis Techniques Web Page

D0 Unix Home Page (From VMS-Unix migration era)

Some Recent News Clips:

CERN Courier: Global Physics Projects
The University of Chicago Chronicle: AAAS Fellowships 2009
Fermilab Today: AAAS Fellowships 2009
FermiLab Today Article: Luminosity: Key to Discovery at Fermilab
FermiNews Article: DZero Goes Global (Online Physics Data Monitoring)
CERN Courier Article: ACAT2000

Some Talks:

Tevatron Collider Physics with Multivariate Analysis Methods
(CMS Physics/Statistics Workshop, Dec. 12, 2007)
Electroweak and Top Physics Results from D0
(10th International Symposium on Particles, strings and cosmology, Boston, MA, 2004)
Run II Physics at Fermilab and Advanced Data Analysis Methods (pdf file; talk slides) (Paper)

ACAT2002 International Workshop, Moscow, June 24-28, 2002

D0 Meta-data Browser (ppt file)
June 4, 2001

Advanced Analysis Methods for Higgs in Run II (ppt file)
Workshop on Future of Higgs Physics, May 3-5, 2001

Lab-wide Run 2 Advanced Analysis Group (ppt file)
DØ Collaboration Meeting, April 25-27, 2001

Advanced Analysis Algorithms Review, Top Thinkshop-2 (Nov. 2000)
     (html file)
     (powerpoint slides)
     (pdf file)

New Directions in Data Analysis
    DPF2000 Paper (ps)
    DPF2000 Talk (powerpoint slides)

Advanced Analysis Techniques in HEP
    ACAT2000 Talk (Video)
    ACAT2000 Paper (pdf from LANL pre-print server)
    ACAT2000 Talk (powerpoint slides)

Discovering the Higgs at the Tevatron
    NIU Colloquium (powerpoint slides)

Prospects for Higgs Discovery at the Tevatron (ps prints 34 pages)(pdf)

7th International Conference on SUSY in Physics, Batavia, Illinois, June '99
- talk transparencies

Discovering The Higgs Boson and Measuring Its Mass (ps)
APS Centennial Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, March '99
- talk transparencies

Past Talks:

Prospects for SM Higgs at the Tevatron (ppt)

Talk Transparencies, Snowmass, July 2001

Search for New Physics at the Tevatron (ps)
Talk Transparencies, Pheno-CTEQ, March '98

Top Quark Physics at the Tevatron (ps)
Paper and Proceedings of the 8th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle
Physics in Moscow, March '98

Technicolor: Status and Prospects (ps) (pdf)
Transparencies of HEP seminar given at Argonne, March '98

Strong Dynamics at the Muon Collider: Working Group Report (ps)
To be published in the Proceedings of the Muon Collider Workshop, February '98

Strong Dynamics at the Muon Collider: Working Group Summary(ps)
Talk transparencies, November '97

Top Quark Physics at the Tevatron (ps)
August '97

Search for Leptoquarks at the Tevatron (ps)
August '97

New Results on the Top Quark from D0 (ps)
Fermilab Wine & Cheese Seminar, February '97



More Talks & Papers:
Top-antitop Production Cross Section - Talk at Moriond Mar '96
Search for the Top Quark at DZero using Multivariate Methods - pbarp95 Talk May '95
Search for the Top Quark using Multivariate Analysis Techniques - DPF'94 Talk Aug. '94
q/g Discrimination using Neural Networks - DPF'90 Snowmass summer study paper Summer '90
Last updated: March 5, 2003